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Anila Aliu praised by the press as "A young star in the classical music world" was born on 25.08.2000 in Gjilan, Kosovo. She studied Bachelor and Masters in Piano Performance in Kosovo and recently she won a 100% Scholarship at the prestigious university "Roosevelt University- Chicago College of Performing Arts" in USA doing her doctoral studies in "Performance Diploma" in the class of Grammy Award Nominee- Professor Adam Neiman.

Anila started playing piano at the age of 7, becoming a multiple winner of first prizes, absolute and special prizes in various competitions, masterclasses and academies in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand and America.

She performed as a soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Balkan Mediterranean Orchestra and Mexican Orchestra Filarmonía, recital concerts in Europe, United States and Mexico, such as: Bangkok, Puebla, Xalapa, Tlaxcala, Orizaba, Chicago, New York, Vienna, Belgrade, Forli, Venice, Bari, Barletta, Santa Sofia, Cesena, Zagreb, Liège, Kaunas, Luxembourg, Bonn, Bad Honnef, Aachen, Königswinter, Skopje, Ljubljana, Tetovo, Gjilan, Prishtina, Gjakova.


Among the main awards in her piano career are: the award "Soloist-Performer with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra", the award "Participation in international competitions in Kaunas, Lithuania" where Kosovo ranks along with Russia and Estonia as the three finalist winning countries, the award "Soloist with the Balkan Orchestra in Italy", "Absolute Prize in international competitions in Gevgelija", "Special Prize in European Summer Music Academy", "Ten first prizes in the ARS Kosovo competition" and "The Young Pianist" in Kosovo, "Special Prize for Piano Masterclasses in Luxembourg ”, “Absolute Award for Perfect Pitch in Solfeggio Competitions” “Chopin Piano Fest First Special Award ”, which gave her the opportunity to give a recital concert in Bonn in April 2019, where she received standing ovations and a fantastic critique by Press-Bonner General Anzeiger, "Special Prize in San Dona Piave-Venice" in Italy, "First Prize and Invitation to Perform at Carnegie Hall" in New York, "First Prize and Special Prize ISCART" in Lugano-Switzerland, "First Prize in Belgrade-Serbia" and Special Prize "Masterclass with  pianist Natalia Troull", "GRAND Award" at the "International Piano Competition in Bangkok" and "FIRST PRIZE in World Championship International Competition" and "Showmanship Award" in Asia.

She has participated in the following festivals: "Europäisches Musikinstitut Wien" with Professor and Pianist Stephan Möller, "Piano masterclasses at the Luxembourg Conservatory of Music" with Professor Sabine Weyer, "Glazbene Škole Muzički Atelje-Seminaru Klavira” with Prof. Milana Chernyavska, "Muzička Akademija Zagreb" with Professor Ruben Delibaltayan, "European Summer Music Academy" with Professor Christoph Declara, Johannes Marian and Desar Sulejmani, "Festival della Musica Giovane del Mediterraneo Italia" with Professor Denis Zardi and Pierluigi di Tella, "Tiziano Rossetti Academy in Lugano" with professor Tiziano Rossetti and Alessia Cecchetti, "Chopin Piano Fest Prishtina" with professors Jerome Granjon, Stephan Möller, Ardita Statovci, "International Competition Mozart" with professor and pianist Natalia Troull, "Klassik zu Gast bei Coppeneur” Germany, “Piano Loop Festival” Croatia.

As a student, she is a three-time beneficiary of a university scholarship with a maximum average grade 10.0 and also a recipient of scholarships and awards from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Kosovo and also a full Scholarship recipient of Roosevelt University- Chicago College of Performing Arts in USA. 

Recently she performed two recital concerts in Split, Croatia, in Aachen and in Bonn, Germany where she received "standing ovations" and was praised by the German press Bonner General Anzeiger as "A new star in the world of classical music with extremely great potential , skill, maturity, brilliant technique and a great stage presence.”

Her recent tour of Mexico in four different cities with the Mexican Philharmonic Orchestra of Xalapa was rated as the most successful event of the Philharmonic's last season.  On November 2022, she also performed as a soloist with Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra in Prishtina, Kosovo, where she received standing ovations and a great critique by the press. 

Rewards and concerts:

2023- Concert in "Bonner Schumannfest"- Bonn, Germany                                                                                                                      2023- Concert in "Town Hall"- New York, USA                                                                                                                                        2023-"World Championship International Competition"- FIRST Prize- Bangkok, Thailand                                                                      2023-"World Championship International Competition"- Showmanship Award- Bangkok, Thailand                                                       2023- Solo Concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2023- Chamber music Concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2022- Piano Concerto- Soloist with Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra- Prishtina, Kosovo                                                                              2022- Piano Concerto- Soloist with Mexican Orchestra Filarmonía- Orizaba, Mexico                                                                              2022- Piano Concerto- Soloist with Mexican Orchestra Filarmonía- Puebla, Mexico                                                                            2022- Piano Concerto- Soloist with Mexican Orchestra Filarmonía- Tlaxcala, Mexico                                                                            2022- Piano Concerto- Soloist with Mexican Orchestra Filarmonía- Xalapa, Mexico                                                                                  2022- Recital Concert in "Klassik zu Gast bei Coppeneur"- Bonn, Germany                                                                                                2022- Recital Concert in Salvatorkirche- Aachen, Germany                                                                                                                      2022- Concert in "Hrvatski Dom"- Split, Croatia                                                                                                                                      2022- Performance in "Piano LOOP Festival"- Split, Croatia                                                                                                                      2022- Recital Concert in "Gesellschaft für Musiktheater"- Vienna, Austria                                                                                                  2021-"The most distinguished Student of University of Arts" University Prize- Prishtina, Kosovo                                                    2021- Concert in “Carnegie Hall”- New York, USA                                                                                           

2021-“Golden Classical Music Awards Winner”- New York USA                                                                   

2021- Concert at Ehrbarsaal- Vienna, Austria                                                                                                       

2021- Concert at Laudon Palace- Vienna, Austria                                                                                                                                              2021-“Chopin Piano Fest “ Concert and special Prize                                                                                   

2021-“ISCART International Music Competition”- (First Prize), Lugano, Switzerland                                 

2021-“Mozart International Piano Competition”- (Frist Prize)- Belgrade, Serbia                                        

2021-“Bangkok International Piano Competition”- (First Prize), Bangkok, Thailand                                

2020-“Golden Classical Music Awards”- (Prize: Performance at Carnegie Hall), New York- US                                               

2020-“Golden Classical Music Awards”- (First Prize), New York- US          

2020- Recital concert, Aachen- Germany                                                                                                             

2020- Recital concert, Konigswinter- Germany                                                                                                              

2019-“San Dona di Piave”, Venice – Italy (Special prize)                                                                                        

2019- Recital concert, Bonn- Germany                                                                                                             

2019- Concert at “Chopin Piano Fest”, Prishtina- Kosovo                                                                                 

2019- Concert, Peja- Kosovo                                                                                                                

2019- Concert, Prizren- Kosovo                                                                                                                          

2019- Concert, Tetovo- North Macedonia                                                                                                        

2019- Concert, Gjakova- Kosovo                                                                                                                

2019- Concert, Tirana- Albania                                                                                                               

2019- Concert, Prishtina- Kosovo                                                                                                                     

2018- Mayor of the High Schools of Gjilan- Prize shared from the Municipal Directorate of Education                              

2018- Recital concert for Singaporeans artists, Prishtina- Kosovo                                                                           

2018-“ARS Kosova” , Prishtina- Kosovo  (Absolute prize 100 points)                                                                                       

2018-“European Academy- ESMA”, Gjakova- Kosovo  (Special Prize)                                                         

2018- Recital concert , Prishtina- Kosovo                                                                                                          

2018-“Best student”, Gjilan- Kosova                                                                                                                             

2018-“Chopin Piano Fest”, Prishtina- Kosova (First prize, Special prize)                                                              

2017- Mayor of KYC (Kosovo Youth Council)                                                                                                            

2017-“Student of the year”, Gjilan- Kosovo                                                                                                                                        

2017-”Gevgelija International Competitions”, Gevgelija-  North Macedonia (Absolute Prize 100 points)                        

2017-“Polihymnia International Competitions”, Skopje- North Macedonia (first prize)                                         

2017-“The Young Pianist”, Prishtina- Kosovo (Absolute prize 100 points)                                                                        

2017- Concert with the Mediterranean Orchestra, Forli- Italy                                                                                                                        2017- Concert with the Mediterranean Orchestra, Santa Sofia- Italy                                                                                                            

2017-“Pjetër Gaci”, Shkodra- Albania (First prize)                                                                                          

2017-“ARS Kosovo” , Prishtina- Kosovo  (First prize)                                                                                       

2016-“EPTA Piano Competitions”, Tirana- Albania (First prize)                                                                  

2016-“ARS Kosovo” , Prishtina- Kosovo  (First prize)                                                                                       

2015-“Student of the year”, Gjilan- Kosovo                                                                                                                                 

2015-“Lithuania International Competitions”, Kaunas- Lithuania (Third Prize, Special Prize)               

2014-“ Knowledge quiz”, Gjilan- Kosovë (Second prize)                                                                                                      

2014-“The Young Pianist”, Gjakova- Kosovo (First prize)                                                                                     

2014-“The Young Pianist”, Gjakova- Kosovo (Prize: “Kosovo representation in Lithuania”)                                                     

2013-“The Young Pianist”, Prishtina- Kosovo (Absolute first prize 100 points)                                                                                     

2012- Concert with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra, Prishtina- Kosovo                                                                                      

2011-“The Young Pianist”, Prishtina- Kosovo (Absolute first prize)                                                                            

2011-“The Young Pianist”, Prishtina- Kosovo (Prize: Soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra)

2011-”Citta di  Barletta”, Bari- Italy (Special jury prize)                                                                                                                  

2010-”Citta di  Barletta”, Bari- Itali (Second prize)                                                                                                                     

2010-“Pianisti i Ri”, Prishtina- Kosovo  (First prize)                                                                                                           

2010-“ARS Kosova” , Prishtina- Kosovo  (First prize)                                                                                                   

2009-“Pianisti i Ri”, Mitrovica- Kosovo (Special jury prize)           


                                                                                     BONNER GENERAL ANZEIGER

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